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Wellness Centered Counselling

Wellness Centered Counselling

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the migration of Wellness Centered Counselling to a new WordPress deployment.

The Wellness Centered Counselling site had a clean and simple layout, which the owners wanted to maintain.  However, they also wanted a new hosting package that allowed greater flexibility and allowed them to edit content.  This has been nicely achieved with WordPress.

The site:

  • Maintains the original look and feel of the Wellness Centered Counselling
  • Optimized for Search Engines, including Google’s new mobile recognition requirement
  • Full Content Management System
  • Fully Mobile Friendly

The new site can be viewed at Wellness Centered Counselling.


In the busy and often confusing world in which we live it is far too easy to overlook the single most important aspect of our lives – the well-being of ourselves and our relationships. At the most core level, our philosophy is that fulfilling relationships are the key to our happiness. That includes the most important relationship of all – the relationship we have with ourselves.