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UBC Mining and Engineering

UBC Mining and Engineering

We’ve recently completed another redesign of The NBK Institute of Mining Engineering at UBC.

UBC’s Department of Mining Engineering is known for being a small, close-knit family.
Our Department is exemplified by the dedication of the faculty and staff who provide a dynamic, hands-on learning experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.
This new, lightweight Content Management System:
allows staff and faculty to update their own unique profiles
flexible CMS controls allow for dynamic content to be generated with little effort
follows UBC’s Common Look and Feel criteria
takes advantage of powerful Search Engine Optimization techniques
has a fresh, modern look that drastically improves the Department’s image

While there is still a lot of information and fine tuning to be done on the site, the Department has opted to push the site live as it is a drastic improvement on the old site.

The new site can be viewed at