Warranty & Policies

Here is a copy of our standard Warranty & Policy which accompanies commencement of all repair work:

In addition, we also provide a Confidentiality Agreement for all customers. This Agreement can be customized for all contract work. If your business has it’s own Non-Disclosure Agreement we are happy to review the Policy to ensure compliance.

Our 5 Mainstay’s of Business Conduct

Our business is computers. Our product is Peace of Mind.

Mainstay Computing Ltd. is committed to providing exceptional service and support, exercising industry best practices, and fostering trust which builds long lasting relationships with our customers and our community.

Our business conduct can be summarized as:

Honesty Demonstrate honesty and high ethical standards in all business dealings.
Respect Treat customers, suppliers, employees, and others with respect and courtesy.
Confidentiality Protect the confidentiality of Mainstay Computing Ltd.’s information and the information of our customers, suppliers, and employees.
Community Conduct business in a way that benefits the communities in which we operate.
Compliance Ensure that business decisions comply with all applicable laws and regulations.