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A bit about us. We offer Managed IT Services and we create Peace of Mind. Our skilled technicians provide the IT services that a growing business needs. We maintain, monitor, and secure your network with proactive protection. We ensure your core data is securely backed up. And we answer the phone when you call.

Mainstay Computing Ltd. is a full service, boutique technology consulting company founded in Sechelt in 2003.

We provide computer repair and IT solutions to Coast businesses and homes. These services include Managed Services for small business, IT consulting services, general computer repair for both Mac and Windows computers, and web design & maintenance services.

Managed Services include managing servers, workstations, backup systems, networks, websites, antivirus and security systems, patch management, and providing outstanding end-user support. We understand the technology that can support a business and we bring these solutions to businesses on the Coast.

Mainstay Computing Ltd. has a solid reputation for being reliable, honest, and effective. We are a small team that is focused on delivering meaningful results in a timely manner.

  • Beth’s happiness to be away from the kids 100% 100%
  • Chris’ time spent fixing the fonts 80% 80%
  • Colleen’s ability to multi-task 7 things at a time: 95% 95%
  • Matthew’s gray hairs 40% 40%

Meet the Team

Creating Peace of Mind for you & your Technology
Matthew Lehmann, MASC

Matthew Lehmann, MASC


Matthew is founder and CEO of Mainstay Computing Ltd. and has been assisting clients with their technology needs for over 20 years. He helps customers get the most out of their technology by ensuring their networks are secure, their data is backed up, and their systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Elizabeth Lehmann, BSC

Elizabeth Lehmann, BSC


Elizabeth is the facilities manager and is in charge of accounts receivables, bookkeeping, and office administration. She keeps the team on target by developing and maintaining policies that help us deliver meaningful results.

Colleen Gemmell, BSC

Colleen Gemmell, BSC

Office Administrator & IT

Colleen is instrumental in delivering exceptional IT support and outstanding customer support. She is committed to ensuring customers receive the absolute best in service. She loves to break down complex technology concepts into readily understandable analogies, making her training sessions highly sought after.

Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson

Web Development & IT

Chris is in charge of web development and website maintenance. He has a strong passion for all things digital and delights in creating stunning, modern web sites.