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I receive spam in my personal email almost daily. Usually I just ignore it and delete right away. However, I’ve gotten a bit more curious since I’ve become more immersed in security. What would happen if I actually clicked?

Social Engineering: to click or not to click


With one or two wrong clicks, your computer can become infected with a virus or Trojan. You may not even notice, and someone may have complete control of your computer – watching you through your webcam, browsing your files, stealing your passwords and recording all of your keystrokes.

It is far too easy for cyber criminals to lure you into clicking. They will try every social engineering trick in the book. These tricks include email subject lines like “Notice to appear in court” or “Unpaid Invoice” or “Order Form” and the list goes on.

I too even sometimes pause and have to think twice before clicking. And I’m a security expert. What about regular computer users who don’t have the same experience and level of education that I have? So I decided to click, with the goal of showing you what actually happens when you fall prey to ransomware.

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