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Email Spoofing Surge

The internet is such a wonderful place. Except for spam. Spam sucks.

It was recently brought to our attention that some hacker is sending out large amounts of spam to just about all kinds of email ids stolen from around the web, pretending to be us – using the email id [email protected]

It’s just like those emails that come to you from a bank pretending to warn you about your account getting hacked – a bank where you most probably don’t even have an account. But if those emails are sent to enough millions of people, it would probably eventually reach a few who actually DO have an account at that bank. So it’s just a matter of numbers, really.

Please note that we here at have never ever spammed our customers, and never ever will. So if you receive any email from an African Princess or anyone else promising to send you large amounts of money to your bank account or wants you to buy some random thing online or wants you to go to a strange web site, then please know that it’s definitely not us :-). So please don’t fall for that trick.

All emails we send out have links pointing back to, and not to some suspicious-sounding, random third-party domain name.

So please use caution if you see emails that appear to be coming from us.

So just delete that spam along with the rest of the enormous amount of spam you receive everyday, and get back to having a wonderful weekend!