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Tracy D. Parker: Notary Public

Tracy D. Parker: Notary Public

A new website ( for Tracy D. Parker: Notary Public launches this summer.

The site is user friendly, clean and lightweight, is mobile ready, and gives a fresh, responsive experience


This new, lightweight Content Management System:

  • allows staff to update the site themselves
  • flexible CMS controls allow for dynamic content to be generated with little effort
  • takes advantage of powerful Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • has a fresh, modern look that is user friendly, mobile friendly, and is responsive

The new site can be viewed at

Windows on a Mac

Running Windows on a Mac is a powerful combination that can dramatically boost your office’s productivity, and should be considered when looking to replace old computer equipment, or enhance an existing office network.

For those of you who are looking to make the transition from Windows to Mac, or for those of you who are already on a Mac but need to tap into the strength of an application that is just-for-Windows, you should read the following articles on how to make the most of your mixed-computing environment.

Apple: Good to Know: Windows on a Mac

Apple: Mac Basics: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp

MacWorld: Virtualization: Windows on a Mac

In a mixed environment, you get to enjoy the benefits of both Operating Systems: you get the virus-free freedom of using a Mac, and the down-to-business world of Microsoft Windows; all on the same machine.

We are experienced at setting up and configuring mixed Mac/Windows network, and can help you determine the right blend for you and your organization.  Give us a call or leave us a comment below to find out more.


How to Setup Eastlink on iPhone / iPad

We have received a lot of visitor feedback requesting specific information on how to configure their Eastlink email account on their iPhone / iPad.

While we’ve provided the settings for the new Eastlink IMAP accounts, the “how do I do it” remains unstated.

Here is a short 1 minute video showing how to setup your Eastlink email on your iPhone or iPad.

Please comment below if you have any questions (or if you found this useful).