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Mobile Website Design

As more and more users are heading into the mobile arena (iPhones, iPads, Android, etc.) it is important that you, as a business owner with an online presence, keep your website accessible to potential customers.

Customizing your website for cell phones and other mobile devices need not be a tedious and cumbersome process.

In fact, creating a mobile version of your website which provides a high quality browsing experience to your visitors may not take very much time or money at all.  No additional hosting fees are [usually] required.  No monthly contracts or fees are needed.

Brien Casel at provides some valuable and insightful things to consider when going mobile.

I think the strongest point he makes is to Keep It Simple.

Focus on the information that a mobile user is going to need.  Where are you located and How do I contact you?

Talk to us about how you can adapt your existing site to include a mobile-friendly version.

Free Google Apps Discontinued

I hope everyone got their Google Apps accounts while they were still free.

They are no longer being offered by Google:

A sad day for businesses running on a budget.

According to Google Director of Product Management for Google Apps Clay Bavor:

businesses were too quickly outgrowing the free version of Google Apps, and asking for or moving to paid premium accounts.

Uh huh, so the business model of offering a kick-ass service at no cost, getting them hooked, and then having them all migrate to the pay service just wasn’t working?  Oh no, I read that wrong, it was working too well, so we’ll just skip the part about signing up for free and letting people get a taste.

Gotta say, Office 365 may be worth a look.