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As a computer repair technician, I can offer some good tips and tricks on how to keep your computer repair bill to a minimum.

One of the simplest (and most overlooked) things a customer can do to keep their costs down, is to provide me with their System Recovery DVDs. These recovery disks dramatically reduce the time it takes me to repair your computer.

Your computer is fixed faster, you are back in business quicker, and your repair bill is lower. Everyone wins.

Re-installation disks contain the correct copy of Windows that is licensed to match your Product Key (the sticker attached to your computer), a database of the software drivers which are intended to make the hardware inside your computer function correctly, and all of the bundled software that originally accompanied your computer.

Instead of me having to hunt down your drivers, software, and persnickety little software patches, it is all ready to go in one neat package.


But my computer didn’t come with a recovery disk!

Sadly, this is true with most low-cost computers.

Most manufacturers have decided to save the $0.10 it costs to provide you with a recovery disk, and instead are passing this responsibility onto the consumer.

All manufacturers provide some software by which you are supposed to create these disks yourself. This software should prompt you to “Create Your Recovery Disks Now!”.  And keep prompting you until you click the little button that tells the program to stop annoying you with the prompt.


Surely you can’t believe that my home-made DVDs marked up with a Sharpie are going to last longer than a commercially stamped DVD from the manufacturer.

Not at all – of course they are going to be inferior.  And stop calling me Shirley.

If your home-made disks aren’t up to par, then call your manufacturer and get them to send you the disks.  They usually charge a nominal $30.

Just be sure to get the disks BEFORE you need repairs.  Otherwise that 2 week shipping time could seriously affect the time it takes to get your computer back to you.