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At The Shore B&B Ranked #1!

At The Shore B&B Ranked #1!

Continuing on with the successful redesign of the At The Shore B&B website, we also focused heavily on ensuring their site was 100% optimized for search engines.

For a FRACTION of their existing monthly advertising and SEO budget, we were able to offer Peter and Norma comparable, if not better bang for their buck.

We also focused our attentions on the customer experience. We wanted to make the site easy to navigate, easy to get meaningful information, easy to book, and easy to comment on ones experience.

Three short months since going live, At The Shore B&B has now climbed through the ranks of the online review sites and sits in the #1 position on TripAdvisor.

Congratulations Peter and Norma!

At the Shore B&B Ranked #1

At the Shore B&B Ranked #1. Visit Trip Advisor.

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