Telus Optik Issues

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Telus Optik Issues

Sunshine Coast residents that have switched to Telus Optik have enjoyed dramatic increases in their internet speeds at a cheaper price point (with bundled services). This is great news for those that need speeds that Eastlink simply cannot provide.

However, there are some challenges that users are encountering on a regular basis.

Here is a short list of issues that many people experienced after they’ve already made the switch to Telus:

  • strange and complicated Wireless passwords
  • weak wireless signals
  • a rats nest of poorly organized cables
  • shared printers and network devices no longer function correctly
  • new email accounts not setup on computers or devices
  • forgetting that when you cancel Eastlink / DCCNET, you also lose your or email
  • forgetting to notify contacts in their address book of their new email address
  • forgetting that Telus email is limiting and is not a very good email system
  • forgetting that their or email address may be linked with other services (like AppleID, etc.)

In some instances we have also encountered situations where the Telus installer failed to remove conflicting equipment, yielding unstable networks

Mainstay Computing Ltd. is pleased to address these issues and get you sorted out on your new Telus Optik package.

If you have experienced any of these problems, give our office a call at 604 885 2410.

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  1. We have been hooked up to Telus fibreoptic and have nothing to complain about but who is going to finally have the best services and plans ? As coast cable is in the process of giving a better price plan as Telus has athe moment their plan starts 60 $ lower than Telus who is going to win ??

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