Professional IT Consulting


Mainstay Computing Ltd. offers professional IT consulting services for small and medium business.

We take care of your technology as if it were our own. We map out the technology employed in your business and document all aspects of your IT infrastructure. We address bottlenecks in your infrastructure with cost-effective solutions.

We remotely monitor key metrics in your organization and pro-actively deploy updates, including: Windows Security Updates, Antivirus Updates, Virus Outbreak patching, PCI compliance verification, website patches and updates, and general TLC on your systems.


Creating Peace of Mind


We have extensive experience offering professional support for a diverse range of industries and technical environments including: medical, university, emergency services, legal, real estate, tourism, and construction.

This means that we are experienced at quickly assessing an IT situation and deploying real solutions.

Our solutions are effective, cost effective, and time effective.

When You Need an IT Consultant

We understand commercial environments and the unique challenges that each industry faces.

You need an IT consultant:

  • When you want to grow your business
  • When you want utilize new technology to streamline your workflow for increased efficiency
  • When you are moving to a new physical location
  • When you are looking to investment in your IT fleet
  • When you want your systems to work for you
  • When you are overwhelmed with your technology options, and need a fresh, clear, unbiased, perspective

What Sort of “Solutions”?

Our solutions primarily focus on efficiency and security and are often a combination of classic, tried-and-true approaches, coupled with innovative modern solutions.

We recognize that no two offices operate the same, and we tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Common issues that we work to improve:

  • Email, Calendar, and Contact Synchronization across multiple platforms (iPhone, BB10, Samsung, etc.)
  • Mobile Device Integration (iPad’s, Nexus 7/10, Samsung Tab 2, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Backup Solutions
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Remote Computing
  • Mixed MAC/PC Environments
  • Systems Security
  • Web Design & Hosting

Our solutions are constantly evolving; as the technology matures, and our own knowledge increases, we are perpetually re-evaluating our practices to ensure that we deliver the best in IT consulting.

Some of these topics are covered in our Technical Articles that we frequently update and publish.

IT consulting requires an imprecise mixture of trust, communication, and responsibility which are critical pillars to solid long term relationships.

We have fostered terrific relationships with our customers and can provide excellent references.