As usual. you rule. Thank you!
Keith F, Gibsons, BC
Thanks Matthew
Don't know what I would do without your help.
From now on I will try to leave things as they are.
Send me the Bill.

Alastair Borland, Davis Bay, BC
Thanks for installing the new airport our wireless works better than ever.
J. Burtnick, Gibsons, BC
Thank you again for all your excellent work!

Thank you so very much!

Tara @ Sechelt Plumbing, Wilson Creek, BC
Thanks Matthew,

Always a pleasure to have your help.

Linda, Sechelt, BC
It is wonderful to have someone that commits to an appointment and always shows up. Beth and Chelsea are knowledgeable and always a pleasure to deal with. Matthew is amazing!!
Barb, Sechelt, BC
Mainsay saved my bacon again!

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

Matthew H, Pender Harbour
Thank you so much for all your time & energy devoted to my project. I really love my new computer & I am just starting to learn what it can do.
Linda, Sechelt, BC
I just wanted to say thank you for your continued effort regarding our mess. You could have easily said you tried and moved on and I appreciate your dedication.
Scott R., Halfmoon Bay
You got it exactly right! Thank you again, for your great work. I reviewed my email to you and thought "It's totally not understandable, they are going to wonder what the heck I am asking for (or what I am on!)" but you did exactly what was needed to get this right.
Holywell Properties, Sechelt, BC
Remotely- this computer is amazingly fast; think I might as well just make a home office from now on in 🙂
Tanya, Sechelt, BC
Took my system into the Apple store in Sechelt and got it back with someone else's files on it!

Mainstay Computing was able to get MY files back and get me going in the right direction at a fraction of the cost.

R. Hansen, Roberts Creek
I will certainly call on you when I get my new computer to help with transferring programs etc. Thanks for your technicians patience and skill.
Michelle S., Gibsons, BC
Wow, that's fast service! Thanks so much, Matt!
Mathew – just a quick “thanks” for taking the time at the end of a busy day to rescue me – much appreciated!
Pat G., Sechelt, BC
Thanks for responding so quickly. Looks great.
He is very responsive, good at troubleshooting and setting up and speaks plain language to novices like me.
Betty, Roberts Creek, BC
This system is excellent!!!! Thanks again for the setup, very nice to have an IT guy who gets it done the way it should be.

My software is all installed to parallels and working perfectly, which hard to do...

Alex McNairn, Wakefield Inc., West Vancouver, BC
Just wanted to thank you for the first-class service at a very fair price.
Chris, Gibsons, BC
Matthew - Thanks again for your prompt, efficient service. Working perfectly!
Jean, Roberts Creek, BC
I must say , your professionalism and prompt attention to our business is so much appreciated. You are fast and efficient , You saved our store from some major downtime which for us is time well spent.
Paul, Sechelt, BC
Thanks for the speedy fix!
Sue P., Gibsons, BC
[Mainstay Computing] was recommended to me by a relative and I have recommended to 2 friends.
Lynn B., Wilson Creek, BC
Thank you Matthew. I greatly appreciate your kindness & wonderful service.
Mary, Gibsons, BC
Thanks! Everything is working great =)
Gerry Patterson, Gibsons, BC, July 2, 2012
Matthew, Thanks for whipping all the laptops into shape. You make it easy for us to stay in line, on-line.
Sally, Roberts Creek, BC
Great Matthew, good to know we are good to go! Sure am glad you are there in command central when I need HELP!
Sandy, Sechelt, BC
Dear Matthew, Thank you for coming to help people who are not so "in" with computers. Bjorn is now so happy to play his tunes, check his email, and photos. We both enjoy your company in person - you talk to us on our level. You are a pleasant young man to be around. We shall make an effort to join one of your clases. Until then, stay well and happy.
Bjorn & Bea, Sechelt, BC
And also to thank you for your speedy, efficient, lifesaving service yet again. It really helps me to sleep at night knowing that you will be there when needed.
420 Hemp Shop, Sechelt, BC
This is so much fun - I spent an hour last night in my living room - with the beautiful view and amazing evening returning my e-mails - why have I waited so long? I wanted to thank you for making the transition so easy! You managed to fix it all - amazing! Thanks for hanging in with me.
Anne, Davis Bay, BC
I would not have been able to do that without your help, so thank you again.
Peter, Roberts Creek, BC
You have done a fantastic job in editing our website. This is so very much better than it was before. Thank you for you and we look forward to more of your ideas as we go along together. Thanks.
Homes on the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, BC
You have such a wonderful reputation, I hear from so many of my friends that you have helped them when all seemed hopeless!!
Valerie Brown, Sechelt, BC
I love you guys, your response is almost always immediate and that is just so wonderfully refreshing compared to any other people working with the internet. Thank you so much!
Heidi Goodman, Davis Bay
thanks to you I've had one of the most productive days I've had in years.
Shield Glass, Gibsons, BC
Thanks again Matthew for your prompt service in fixing my mistake.
Donna T., Roberts Creek, BC
You did a wonderful job, as usual.
Christol and Ken, Sechelt, BC
How’d u do that?
D. Freedman, Pender Harbor, BC
Just to let you know my office computer has running great since you last service.
Julian, Sechelt, BC
Where have you been all of our business lives? Thank you Matthew. We hope this is the beginning of a long time working relationship together.
Homes on the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, BC
You guys are the BEST!!
Holywell Properties, Sechelt, BC
Thank you so much for all your help.
Rosa, Gibsons, BC
You’re awesome. Thank you so much.
Liz, Gibsons, BC
Price was in the ball park! But the technician did more!

Very satisfied customer!

Lois P., Sechelt, BC
Thanks for bailing me out! Your kindness, patience and expertise are much appreciated.
Dale, Gibsons, BC
Thanks for being so prompt on fixing [our systems].
Lois Potter Law, Sechelt, BC
Hi, My computer seems to be working great now, send me a bill and I’ll look after it right away. Thanks so much for saving me from buying a new one, not necessary now.
LJ Contracting, Gibsons, BC
thanks matthew. i feel confident now that you've worked on my computers. it makes a big difference to my well-being :)) patricia
Patricia, Gibsons, BC
I love you!

You saved me about 10 years of headache and stress!

Kit, Wilson Creek
Thank you a million times over! Thank you for fixing it. You are appreciated more than you know!
I was a convert [to Mainstay Computing] years ago! Nice to hear others are satisfied too!
Gord, Sechelt, BC
Thanks for your help digging me out of my digital dilemma!
Rochelle, Roberts Creek, BC
You're a great help and it's very much appreciated, best to the family
Dale W., Gibsons, BC
Thank you again SO MUCH for your work and knowledge today. We appreciate your service VERY much!
Sechelt Fire Department, Sechelt, BC
Thank you for the great service!
M. Barry, Sechelt, BC
Ah! And there you've done it. Matthew, you're a genius!
T. Webb, Wilson Creek, BC
Appreciate your great, efficient and honest work.
Jeff Beckmyer, Sechelt, BC
Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your very valuable expertise and prompt service in removing the virus from our computer.

We will certainly recommend you at every opportunity.

With Sincere Appreciation.

D. Pepper, Gibsons, BC
Matthew maintains a wide knowledge base - always able to solve my problems.

As alway, very satisfied - never consider calling anyone else. I appreciate reasonable rates, but expect to pay a fair price for consistently "top notch", professional assistance.

Pat G., Sechelt, BC
With your solution we've cut our estimating time down by a third.
Fiedler Brothers, Gibsons, BC
Thank you Matthew, you just removed about 10 lbs of stress from my shoulders.
At The Shore B&B, Sechelt, BC
Thank you very much for your prompt and detail response. Your idea of testing the reception using a speed test app was brilliant.
Veronica H., Vancouver, BC
Very happy customer both personally and professionally.
Niki, Gibsons, BC
Thank you for such good advise and service!
Marilyn and Peter, Pender Harbor, BC
Matthew, It was great to meet you yesterday and I certainly appreciate you taking time for my computer and coming to the house!
Diana B., Davis Bay, BC
Just a quick note to say thank you. I am very grateful for your quick response and help. You are a gentleman and a scholar, ...but we always new that.
D. Toth, Toronto, ON
Hey Mat that seemed to work like a dream thanks for your advice.
Bill Higgs, Sechelt, BC
We certainly couldn't have made the transition so easily without you. Glad you were able to find a way to transfer all our chaotic and extensive data from the old to the new. Thanks again for your expertise and above all...patience!!!!
Sandy, Sechelt, BC
Many thanks for your excellent service and advice, I shall be recommending you to others.
Dr. Farrer, Sechelt, BC
Thanks again Matt for such amazing service!!
Nelsen Plumbing, Sechelt, BC
I just wanted to thank you for fixing my computer up. I really really appreciate it.
Shirley Madox, Sechelt, BC
My full recommendation for anyone who has computer problems to contact Matthew who is very professional, very efficient & very reasonable...a computer god?...yes
Rob Walker, Sechelt, BC
Thanks Matthew for the good service and discount. I will recommend you to others I know on the Coast.
Ken, Halfmoon Bay, BC
Just wanted to say thank you VERY much for the discount :))) and i REALLY appreciate your taking the time to get me sorted out.
Dale W., Gibsons, BC
You fixed my problem, didn't try to sell me something I didn't need, AND I paid far less than I usually do for repairs.

Thanks Mainstay!

B. Hudson, Sechelt, BC
oh wow, thanks so much Matthew!
ANCA, Gibsons, BC
I would like to commend you on your professionalism and excellent response time. Thanks!
Sunshine Coast Employment Center, Sechelt, BC
Thanks' Matthew I don't know what I would do without your help.
Alastair Borland, Davis Bay, BC
Just terrific!
Elaine, Gibsons, BC
Thank you for the terrific work! - now where is that 8lb hammer!
Keith, Gibsons, BC
And all in 15 minutes!! You rock.
Karen, Gibsons, BC
Once again, Matthew saves the day! 🙂
Prudential Sussex, Pender Harbor, BC
I really like your website BTW – I like it when companies chose to educate their customers and use their website not just as a marketing/contact tool but as a resource and you have some good stuff!
PI, Gibsons, BC
You are so flexible ans easy to work with.
Capilano College, Sechelt, BC
Your server changes allowed me to run a report I haven't been able to run for the past year and a half... thank you!
Custom Carpets, Sechelt, BC
Thanks again Matthew for your prompt service in fixing my mistake.
Donna Thompson, Roberts Creek, BC
Wow!!! That was fast! Thanks.
UBC Mining, Vancouver, BC
Thanks again for everything you have done!

Over the next couple of months we will definitely see how it has improved our lives!

Tara, Sechelt Plumbing, Wilson Creek, BC
Your candor inspires confidence that I can rely on what you tell me.
TReid, Sechelt, BC
Thank you again for your patience.
Kate, Halfmoon Bay, BC
Wow! Thank you so much for the immediate and detailed feedback. It is the most useful advice I've gotten. I appreciate your taking the time. I feel better equipped to hit the stores.
Cornelia, Web
Just wanted to say thank you Matthew for your help with my Time Machine problem. I really appreciated your willingness to come by so late in the day the help us out.
J. Whittleton, Sechelt, BC
That was just excellent helping me out so late last night …..the timing couldn’t have been better !!!
Dave, Sechelt, BC
You are always so quick to get here and help me when I'm in trouble.
Davis Bay B&B, Davis Bay, BC
You are a genius!!! Thanks a bunch!
Pat, The Stitching Studio, Gibsons, BC
wow that was quick 🙂
Coast Martial Arts, Gibsons, BC
Thanks so much for your help. Always a pleasure dealing with you.
Darianne, Roberts Creek, BC
Looks fantastic!!!
Sechelt Plumbing, Wilson Creek, BC
Works like a charm! You, as usual, are amazing!
Connie, Roberts Creek, BC
And thanks for your patience, it is a gift and is truly appreciated!!
Prudential Sussex, Gibsons, BC
Thank you so much for your patience with the Luddites of this world!
Kathie, Wilson Creek, BC
Thank-you! Laptop works great! thanks again =)
Janice, Gibsons, BC
Thank you so very much. I know I sound like a stuck record in the "Thank You" department but you are very much appreciated.......
Jan, Sechelt, BC
Not a computer guy, but a computer god!
Brooke, Gibsons, BC
The computers are both work great. Thanks for ALL your help.
Diane, Gibsons, BC
Matthew - thank you for looking after us so well! Has anyone told you lately how amazing you are?
Holywell, Sechelt, BC
thanks for the speedy resolution…. 🙂
Coastal Craft, Gibsons, BC
The wireless network is running just great. Thank you for your help.
Rudy, Sechelt, BC
You are always right on top of the changes that we request and I appreciate it!
Joanne, Sechelt, BC
Just wanted to thank you for your tips. They WORKED. Your a God Send. Everybody at HP Support didn't even suggest that, they just all said it had to have been the motherboard. So, I thank you SO much. I am so appreciative of what you've talked me through... I will definitely be referring you.
Tammy, Sechelt, BC
Dear Matthew, I must tell you that I am delighted with the work you did on our computer yesterday. I didn't realize how much I was missing with my poor eyesight. I can now see clearly but what is more important is that you made everything work!!! I had no idea those nasty viruses would affect the entire computer works that way.

Again our many thanks for coming and doing such a good thing for us.

Alf and Roberta, Gibsons, BC
Thanks again for the great service!
Jan and Bob Rowland, Gibsons, BC, July 2, 2012
I love you guys, your response is almost always immediate and that is just so wonderfully refreshing compared to any other people working with the internet. Thank you so much!

Heidi Goodman, Davis Bay Bed & Breakfast

Heidi Goodman, Davis Bay
and again many thanks for your great service :))))
Glad Man, BC
Just had to thank you again Matthew for the great house call today....its such a pleasure to use our computers again...your response time was amazing!!
Jan Rowland, Gibsons, BC
Many thanks for all your help!
Gwen & Allen, Sechelt, BC
We appreciate your pricing & discounts.
Joan, Pender Harbor, BC
Excellent service. You were great!
Joanne, Sechelt, BC
Thank you very much Matthew =) I recommend you to all my friends now - you did a wonderful job - I appreciate your kindness.
Margaret, Sechelt, BC
Thank you for making yourself available for us… the service was terrific!
Annabelle and Frank, Sechelt, BC
Nicely done! That's amazing : )
Kirstin Hodge, Vancouver, BC
Do you ever get tired of being told "you are the best!"....?
Holywell Properties, Sechelt, BC
Thanks for all your help and prompt and efficient service.
Alastair, Sechelt, BC
Thanks! You are very much appreciated!
Melanie, Gibsons, BC
This advice... will prove invaluable to me.
Matthew - if there is a positive in all this computer chaos, it is that I have found a company of impeccable service and ethics to help with computer insights.

J. Hildering, Port McNeil
Matthew - thanks for bailing us out so graciously. We really appreciate your work and no one can fill your shoes!
Diana & Bruce, Davis Bay, BC
Your a fricken' genius. That's why we only deal with the best.
Simpson Health Centre, Gibsons, BC
Thanks for your speedy attention to this, Matthew! We appreciate it!
The Coast Group, Sechelt, BC
Just wanted to thank you for your support today. You helped save the day!
Coastal Craft, Gibsons, BC
Beth - your are absolutely AMAZING! Thank you 🙂
Holywell Properties, Sechelt, BC
WOW! What a treat to have that printer work when I need it. Thank you!! 🙂 🙂
Angie, Sechelt, BC
Many thanks for your terrific services!
Gwen, Wilson Creek, BC
Thanks for always being there and knowing what to do and not making us feel like Luddites!
Kay and Felicity, Gibsons, BC
Mainstay computing has always taken care of our needs, no matter how big or small. Fast, friendly and extremely reliable service!
Barb, Sechelt, BC