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ECO Friendly Practices

We are pleased with our efforts to run our business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. In our efforts to become more eco-friendly, we were amazed that the results not only decreased our environmental impact, but also allowed us to run the business more efficiently, thereby allowing us to pass on our savings to our customers. EVERYONE WINS! Here are some of the steps we've taken to ensure our carbon footprint is a small one:

Remote Support

ECO-PRO: Significantly decreases CO2 emmissions and overall carbon footprint - No CAR involved.
ECO-PRO: Decreases road congestion by taking our vehicles off of the streets.
BUSINESS-PRO: Instant support allows for happy customers.
BUSINESS-PRO: We can work on many computers at once from a central location.
BUSINESS-PRO: We can work in our pajamas.

Electronic Billing

ECO-PRO: Invoices and statements can be paid online, resulting in a paperless process.
BUSINESS-PRO: Serious decrease in the amount of paper passing through our office.

Online Payments (Electronic Funds Transfer)

ECO-PRO: Invoices and statements are emailed directly to the customer allowing for a paperless billing cycle.
BUSINESS-PRO: Significant savings in office supplies, time spent stuffing envelopes, and postage.

Paperless Office

ECO-PRO: We have successfully transitioned all of our record keeping into digital form!
BUSINESS-PRO: Aside from the obvious reduction in costs, we've also gained back a TON of useable space in the office.
BUSINESS-PRO: Digital faxing allows us to receive faxes right to our inbox and mobile device, which results in our ability to receive and process information faster.
BUSINESS-PRO: With all of our records going digital, we had to come up with innovative solutions for ensuring our business is properly backed up. Our experience in going through this process is now built into our consultations with our business clients.

Recycled Paper

ECO-PRO: We've replaced MOST of our paper w/ recycled paper, resulting in significant reductions in our environmental impact.
BUSINESS-PRO: While we don't use a TON of paper, every little bit helps. And the cost of recycled paper makes good financial sense. And every penny helps.
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